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Movement Playground


Held in 2019 in Newcastle, UK, Movement Playground offered people living with breathlessness an opportunity to explore wellbeing activities in a joyful and supportive atmosphere.

As our research carried out during the Life of Breath project showed, breathlessness makes life feel unfamiliar. Being in the world often becomes a challenge. Fixed exercise models do not meet people’s individual needs and capacities.

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The goal of the Movement Playground was for its participants to outgrow illness-related feelings of anxiety and hesitation and to find new, creative ways of moving through experiential learning.


Together with teachers including Kate Binnie (yoga), Dr. Sarah Houston (dance), Mark Sidney (mindfulness), Adi Weinberg (gaga) and myself, participants in the programme explored which wellbeing practices best suit their personal abilities and needs.

‘It’s unlike anything I’ve done before but so much fun! I really enjoyed moving in my own way and telling my story. Carol

In the beginning, I thought I would not be able to do it. Each session I could move a little more, release and let go. Stuart

‘When dancing I forget I’m ill. I am my left, my right! I become my movement! Lynnette